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freshie™ combines great taste with all Organic ingredients. We don’t round corners for a quick buzz. Our Organic & Non GMO agave takes 7 years to mature before it is sustainably farmed and distilled using 100% solar energy. The result is superior refreshment featuring citrus notes from our Organic Silver Tequila combined with Sparkling Water, Organic Lime and Organic Agave Nectar.


Award Winning

PR%F Awards 2021 - Las Vegas
Silver Award (x2) - Masked And Unmasked

Our Story

Freshie began in 2016 with one family and a deep love for tequila. After a week in Mexico, and far too many sugary margaritas, Paige and Ryne Iseminger were tasked with crafting a drink that could keep their family drinking. Ryne reached for the only ingredients left in their fridge: Limes, Tequila, Agave and Sparkling Water. It was love at first sip.

Everyone agreed, this was a drink that they could keep on drinking. Soon enough, Ryne’s drink became a staple in their lives. It was at every wedding, family barbecue, chill hangout and birthday celebration.

From the start, Freshie has been about real people drinking real tequila with real fresh, organic ingredients.

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