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A Hard Seltzer Fit For Your Lifestyle 

It’s no secret that hard seltzers are the latest and greatest when it comes to boozy beverages.  

They’re light, low in calories, and conveniently canned.  

Finding the right hard seltzer for you is really about finding a drink that you can feel good about drinking.  

Today, we are more mindful of what we put into our bodies than we were in the past. We pay attention to things like calories, ingredients, sugar and alcohol content.  

When you drink hard seltzers, you want one that fits with your lifestyle. Whether you’re chilling at a bonfire, tailgating with friends or dancing all night long, your hard seltzer should let you enjoy today without having to worry about how you’ll feel tomorrow.  

The first Freshie was created after a week in Mexico with far too many sugary margaritas and beer. The Freshie Co-Founders, Paige and Ryne Iseminger, were in search of a refreshing, easy-to-drink solution that would keep the party going.  

Using simple, organic, non-GMO ingredients and tequila, the Isemingers created Freshie: A drink that’s perfect for parties, music festivals, weddings (stay tuned for a story about a Freshie Wedding) and chill hangouts with friends.  

Freshie is a hard seltzer like no other, it’s the World’s First Organic Tequila Seltzer. But most importantly, it’s a hard seltzer made to fit all lifestyles.  

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