Crafting The Perfect Drink

Crafting an organic tequila seltzer begins with organic, 100% blue Weber agave. The process really is just the heart of the agave plant, called the piña, being heated and pressed to create a juice that is distilled into tequila. Sounds simple, right?

It’s actually far from it. Finding a distillery that aligns with Freshie’s need for all-organic ingredients was difficult. To maintain its crisp, refreshing taste, having 100% organic, blue Weber agave was a must.

Freshie’s partner distillery not only distills the premium tequila used to make the superior refreshment, they do so through a process that is 103% solar-powered and zero waste.

The sustainable farming process starts with organic agave plants that have matured for 7 years. After the maturing process is complete, the distillery uses 100% solar-powered technology to turn the juices from the piña into tequila.

You’re probably wondering about that extra 3% solar power energy. That 3% represents the extra energy that the distillery produces and gives back to Mexico.

Now let’s talk about zero waste.

Every ounce of the agave plant’s juices are used, and the rest of the plant is composted.

Prepare to be impressed… Being a zero waste facility doesn’t end with their own produce.

Guadalajara has one of the largest fruit markets in the area. After the market ends, the distillery purchases leftover fruit to bring to the compost site to create an organic fertilizer. Not only does this fertilize the agave plants, but it supports local Mexican farmers.

When you see “Organic” labeled on a Freshie, know that it is 100% real. From the agave plants, to the tequila and even to the fertilizer, Freshie is a sustainably farmed, all-organic way to enjoy tequila.

Freshie’s Story

Freshie began in 2016 with one family and a deep love for tequila. After a week in Mexico, and far too many sugary margaritas, Paige and Ryne Iseminger were tasked with crafting a drink that could keep their family drinking. Ryne reached for the only ingredients left in their fridge: Limes, Tequila, Agave and Sparkling Water.

It was love at first sip.

Everyone agreed, this was a drink that they could keep on drinking. Soon enough, Ryne’s drink became a staple in their lives. It was at every wedding, family barbecue, chill hangout and birthday celebration.

From the start, Freshie has been about real people drinking real tequila with real fresh, organic ingredients.

The recipe is simple by nature (there are only four ingredients, including sparkling water.) However, Freshie is more than a drink, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a drink you can chill on and feel good about drinking. The key is all organic, non-GMO ingredients. When Paige and Ryne began searching for a tequila distillery to partner with, finding one that used organic, 100% blue Weber agave was their #1 priority.

Through a family connection, they found one that sounded simply too good to be true. Paige, Ryne, and their family and friends headed to Mexico to see for themselves. Upon arrival, they met the three brothers and father that run the third-generation, family owned distillery. After a tour of the 103% solar powered, zero waste and all-organic site, Freshie became about two families instead of one.

It became a partnership based on a shared passion for the same real people, real tequila and real fresh, organic ingredients that started it all. At the first visit, Ryne stepped away and made everyone a Freshie on site. The two families sat around the table and shared in the joy of a refreshing, real tequila drink.

After spending over a year perfecting the formula, the two families, with the help of the female-run lab located in the distillery, created the World’s 1st All-Organic Tequila Seltzer!