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Freshie Wins Big In Las Vegas 2021 @ The Pr%f Awards!

Freshie Wins Big In Las Vegas 2021 @ The Pr%f Awards!

Freshie is an award-winning tequila seltzer!

In September, Freshie competed in the largest spirits tasting competition ever, the PR%F Awards 2021 in Las Vegas. The PR%F Awards involves two competitions: Masked and Unmasked.

The Masked competition is the original world-class, credible, double-blind tasting competition with buyers from across the US rating spirits, wines, and beverages in a 100-point rating system.

After the double-blind tasting, judges will evaluate each brand ‘unmasked.’ Judges will see and feel the bottle, can, or product, read the ingredients, hear the story, and see the overall marketing package.

We are excited to announce that Freshie won ‘Silver’ in both the Masked and Unmasked categories!



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